Ditching the "It's Just a Joke," and other Undercover Insults

Wanna hear about something you should stop ignoring? 


It’s the undercover insult. 


You know, the one- when someone follows up a rude statement with: 


“I’m just joking. I make jokes like this to everyone. Don’t take it personally. Calm down! I don’t really mean it.” 




You’re right. 


Degrading jokes & humor laced with insults can be your thing. 


And I won’t take it personally.


So what’s the Empowered Perspective?? 


How can you not take “funny jokes” personally?!?


Here’s the answer: Instead of making someone’s insulting jokes mean something about you, you are free to make it mean something about THEM. 


Having a good laugh at the expense of others is a symptom of inner-tension and a lack of self-compassion.


THE REALITY IS: If YOU don’t feel good when someone...


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