trash the mask Oct 20, 2020

Fifteen months ago, I dreamt up an idea to be a personal brand photographer... over a dozen clients later, while coaching more than twice as many women along the way, I woke up today with such gratitude in my heart.

I have been wildly blazing my trail, with my eyes
wide open... even when I was unsure how the plan was going to unfold.

But dang, the last eight months have pushed me into uncomfortable places, and while incredible things are happening here on the other side... it was tough being in the middle of it.

The truth is, I had been living in and out of victim mode, which is hard to admit considering how hard I have worked not to have Victim Mentality... Even When I was a Victim. But that's a story for another day.

The problem with being in victim mode is that sometimes, it's just the excuse you need to get comfy in passivity... and we cover it up as "going with the flow."

That's how it has been this year for many of my friends, biz besties, and clients too.

We experienced Victim Mode for canceled travel.
Canceled events.
Canceled photo shoots.
Canceled clients.
Canceled contracts.
Canceled launch.
Canceled spring break.
Canceled school.
Canceled summer activities.
Canceled LIFE as our families know it.

AND WE GOT OFF EASY. Devastation, loss, and trauma have known no bounds this year.

And we just bunkered down, did the best we could, and decided to pivot as best we could.

Which is "fine" for a season. (And, here's to hoping we never hear the word pivot again.) But how long of the season of "fine" is long enough?

Yes, hearts can a bit broken, and depression might peak its head up.
Yes, nerves can be on edge, and anxiety might make its self known.

But none of it has to last long, which is a skill I am proud to have sharpened, teach, and will someday master.

For this reason, the uncertain times of 2020 have also brought a tremendous amount of healing, growth, excitement, freedom, and connection for many of the women I know.

Supporting them along the way when they have been stuck, unsure, blocked and even a bit lost... THESE are the things I am made to create, mentor, and support women through.

This is why I woke up with gratitude... and a bit of curiosity: Are you going with the flow, taking life as it occurs, and always making lemonade out of lemons?

I sure hope not.

No matter if you are thinking that life is happening TO you or happening FOR you, life is NOT just this incredible journey that you get to be on.

It's so much more than that. It's a massive experience that we get to create... and yet, here we all get weighed down by the humdrum day to day stuff that we feel overburdened by living out our soul's purpose.

Why do we feel like life can be so heavy sometimes?? I'll tell you: we create significance out of things that don't matter. We passively let life take us by our hand and show us what OUGHT to be done. What needs to be accomplished. What we should be doing.

The result? Passivity... AKA, going with the flow... not fully participating in life.. the act of accepting what happens without active response or resistance... following the direction of others without DECIDING: is this what I want?

Choosing to live with passivity is we end up in the trenches of mediocrity. Too busy to do what we want. Too disconnected to be with people we love. Too numb to be excited. Too broke to go where we want to go. Too uncomfortable to be happy in our own skin. Too afraid to rock the boat. Too focused to see the big picture. Too angry to feel love. Too mediocre to believe in greatness.

Don't get me wrong- life can be tiring... but if you are too busy, sad, or critical to enjoy it, is the exhaustion even worth it? (spoiler alert: it's not)

Passivity is more than a crappy way to live... it's also a terrible way to think and feel.

So what is passivity in psychology?
n. a form of adaptation, or maladaptation, in which the individual adopts a pattern of submissiveness, dependence, and retreat into inaction. (

This is where it gets even heavier. The lack of intentional living deteriorates one's independence, hampers their problem-solving skills, and steals the ability to enjoy life fully.

Passivity is the killer of dreams, gifts, and talents. It is the greatest enemy to personal fulfillment and living out your divine calling.


Stay tuned for the next few weeks as I will be offering some life-changing training and offering some fantastic processes to overcome mediocrity and give passive living the boot. 

In the meantime... is there more to your desired life experience than you are currently having?

Book a call with me HERE if you would like to create an intentional, CHOSEN journey that is more aligned with your soul. 

It's never too late or too soon to pass on the lemonade. 

à bientôt,



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