Brilliant Brain Training, Your Brilliant Brain, and How it Came to Be

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Clients hire coaches, consultants, and services providers for ONE REASON and one reason only: to solve a problem.

This might be the most basic, simple, and accurate statement that, when properly evaluated, is, in actuality, requires a multi-layered, multi-dimensional solution that requires you to dig deeper to understand fully.

(Seriously... even that sentence is difficult to read and requires more thought than we will give it.)

Solving a surface-level problem is why most clients invest in support. But the reason WHY the surface level problem even exists is a much more detailed, complex, and often FALSE issue.

Uncovering the deep resistance is the gold I love to dig for. It's full of tension, tears, and (often) BS non-truths that we have never bothered to challenge.

This is why I paused offering creative services.

So I could learn how to help my clients wade through the mind muck and uncover the gold. It's a transformational process, and it creates mental and emotional freedom at the speed of thought.

Here's the thing: surface-level conversations have never been my jam.

AND YET... there I was, solving surface-level problems... and ultimately why I quit supporting my clients with creative services.

On the one hand, I built the reality that I am a PAID creative. This realization alone was a dream come true. Not long ago, the idea of earning a living while writing, designing, and having fun was BEYOND my comprehension.

But the truth is providing my clients with copy, branding, and offer strategies was only solving a surface-level problem. How do I know this? Because the content collected dust.

At the time, I was frustrated that all the creative energy had gone to waste. I was disappointed that the brilliant concepts my clients and I collaborated on were never put to use.

The joy of being a paid creative EVAPORATED because I was in it for the "right" reason: leveraging my love of creativity in service to others. The money wasn't the fulling part. Seeing my clients' eyes light up when they reviewed my work filled me right up. Comments like, "THIS IS INCREDIBLE" made my heart soar.

This one time (at band camp... I'm kidding), one client sat with a blank stare when I presented her with a fresh take on her brand. SILENCE. Naturally, I felt internal panic.

After a couple of seconds (that felt like an eternity), she said: "I have been doing this work for years and have spent a TON of money on various marketing pros. No one has ever understood me or my vision like this before."

You can imagine my relief when I realized she was in shock and awe (and in the best way possible!)

And this happened several times...

Instead of taking the content and implementing it right away, they would run smack dab into the arms of STUCK.

Stuck in fear.
Stuck in overwhelm.
Stuck in taking 100 actions that lacked enthusiasm.
Stuck in imposter syndrome.
Stuck in the belief that there was something else (just this one last piece of the puzzle) that was needed before this business would all work.

I recognize this stuck-ness because I had been through it too.

The solution they bought from me was no longer the solution they needed. How often have you been through that?

My clients BELIEVED that once they had nailed their ideal client, uncovered their brand message, prescheduled their daily posts, and had a sales page that brought tears to their eyes, that the clients would flow like honey.

Who could blame them? To some degree, I believed it too. We both thought that the content and copy would do the heavy lifting that created clients. (make that money!!)

In fact, this is the EXACT belief that is sold to most of us and is why I became a copywriter, brand & messaging strategist in the first place.

The problem wasn't that they needed help with their words. It was more profound than that. This is why I paused my creative services business and went back to the question simple AND CONSTANT question that we all must answer: As an Entrepreneur... What is the Problem I Wish to Solve?

[Insert Drum Roll Please]

The problem my clients needed to solve was self-belief.

They didn't know how to tell friends and family about their new business without feeling sick to their stomach.

They didn't know how to introduce themself at a networking event without cringing on the inside.

They didn't know how to stand loud and proud about the services they offer.

They didn't know how to show up on social media like a pro.

They didn't know how to be a human who sells stuff without having to talk themself out of feeling guilty.

They didn't know how to overcome their stuck-ness, and I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO COACH THEM ON IT.

After some reflection, I KNEW this is the problem I want to solve. The strategy wasn't enough, and that is why I searched the internet, my soul, and my brain for the ROOT Cause of the surface level issue that my clients want to solve for.

They think they need better content... and it's probably true. The difference? HIRING SOMEONE ELSE TO BE THE "BRAINS" OF YOUR COPY, CONTENT, BUSINESS STRATEGY AND OFFER IS NOT THE SOLUTION YOU NEED.

I will help you with it. My creativity JUMPS to consult you on all the things, and I can help you create a launch plan that makes your stomach flip with excitement. I can tighten your offer in incredible ways and evaluate how to curate it best using your unique voice. I can capture the REAL you brand in your photoshoot. Yes. WE CAN DO ALL OF THAT.

But at the end of the day, I never want my clients to walk away with their grand plan and sabotage their momentum because they think they can't implement it on their own.

Or because they are going to start next week. You know, on a Monday. Or on the first of the month. Or when the kids are back to school. Or when ___________. (you fill in the blank)

It's the subconscious beliefs, the core wounds, the limiting thoughts, the mental and emotional triggers, and the self-sabotaging behaviors that keep them from achieving success.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner became the path for me. It serves all my clients at every level because the Brilliant Brain Training that I do with them improves every area of life, not solving a surface-level problem.

I am not afraid to say it: This work changes you at a foundational level beyond most anything you've experienced and changes the landscape of your life in the most intentional way.

So there you have it. I am a Brand Identity Coach.. who coaches her clients on their Self- Concept first.

Why? Because the strength and success of your BRAND depends entirely on the strength and success of your BRAIN.

I call it Brilliant Brain Training because once you learn this process, your ability to solve problems, process emotions, and access your most incredible thoughts is easy AF. It's not just a "Brilliant" process... it's accessing your brilliance within your most capable and intuitive brain... this is your Brilliant Brain... the one who never second guesses, bails on the dream, or talks you out of your best ideas.

All we need to do is retrain it.... and I created the process for that.



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