Introducing UnMasked, Reflections on being Self-Reflective

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

Self-awareness is the secret to success, joy, and personal fulfillment... and yet, it seems to be the most underestimated, undertaught concept in life. Backtracking every result we have achieved in life to ourselves can be a long, convicting process. Still, the healing that comes on the other side of becoming self-aware is worth every moment... especially the deeply uncomfortable ones. In fact, I'll even throw out a bold statement: If you are seeking personal development and not moving THROUGH your discomfort, you're doing it wrong.

I used to think that personal affirmations, gratitude lists, offering forgiveness, and choosing positivity were all I needed to heal and grow. But after continually hitting the same emotional blocks, OVER AND OVER again finally had me screaming: WHEN AM I EVER GOING TO CHANGE?! WHEN IS THIS S#!T GOING TO STOP? It was then that I saw how I had been patching the surface but was still avoiding the dark, uncomfortable wounds in my heart and soul.

Self-coaching comes naturally to some, even still... it's not always easy to do. However, with the right guidance, it ends up being the most fantastic tool you can ever have.

Having thought awareness takes practice, intentionality, and (especially in the beginning) a bit of courage. Self-reflection is no joke. However, once you recognize that self-reflection is the birth of all things we feel, do and accomplish (or don't accomplish), there is a feeling of empowerment that comes with knowing: how we experience any experience is entirely optional.

So, this has me wondering: If you knew - without a shadow of a doubt - that you could create a massive change in your life and never be crippled by fear, confusion, or self-doubt again, would you be willing to do the hard work of becoming self-aware?

Overcoming mediocrity starts with confronting the self and battling:

Feeling blocked and confused.
Commitment to the struggle bus.
Bailing on their goals.
Caving to chaos.
Fear of failure.
Constant comparison.
Resistance to positive habits.

It's a journey for sure... moving through the discomfort and healing our actual wounds (and not just patching the surface) takes dedication, work, and deliberate decisions to confront ourselves.

But it is worth it.

Seeking an elevated life requires you to not only step out of your comfort zone but also requires you to move through your discomfort. This is where transformation begins, and the fruits of it can last for years... decades... and maybe even for generations to come.

Are you living in mediocrity?


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