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Brilliant Path


Unique to You

& it leads to

Your Genuine Fulfillment

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True Fulfillment Only Requires 3 Things:

1. An Inspiring Vision that is Deeply Personal

2. The Courage to Pursue your Dream

3. The Correct Empowered Actions to Fulfill it 

(minus the mind drama that holds people back)

BUT here's the thing: "3 Steps to True Fulfillment" sounds simple, yet, time after time, clients come to us saying life feels complicated, progress feels hard, and they feel like there is a missing piece to their happiness and success.


You are not alone... our stories started there too.  

Like us, you've read all the books about personal growth, binged on podcasts geared towards success, and maybe even worked with a coach (ahem, or 7) hoping to feel better and maintain your momentum. And it all helps... for a little while.  


The problem is, the motivation never lasts, and it is easy to slide back into those irritating but familiar routines that make you feel like you are back where you started:

  • frustrated that you can't break shift your emotional patterns
  • feel unsatisfied with life (even when it looks good on paper... cue the guilt)
  • resentful that you aren't further along
  • sometimes outright angry because "you freaking KNOW BETTER," but can't get yourself to DO BETTER


We get it.

What's worse is that these cycles perpetuate a feeling of disappointment, and the setbacks seem to prove, "yet again," the deep fear so many people have and that NO ONE ever openly discusses:

"What if I'm just not good enough?"


We want you to know, there IS a missing piece to the puzzle. 


It's not You. It's your Brain.

It Remembers… It Resists… AND IT CAN BE RETRAINED. 


You are not broken, but your brain needs some work.  That's where we start in this Program.

We help

Dreamers & Do-ers

Uncover their

Personal Path to




Follow Through

With Ease



The biggest problem we see in the Personal Development & Business Growth industries is this:

90 days with a life coach will not heal a human who has 30, 40, or 50+ years of emotional conditioning, perception patterns, and established behaviors. 


Nor will 90 days working with a business coach solve the brain's addiction to feeling overwhelmed, spinning in burnout, or cycling with frustration. 


These are not

Life & Business



They are Brain Problems. 


Yes, 90-day containers

can solve a problem or two.


Yes, working with a

1 to 1 coach is better

for SOME people but

not useful for others.

(but do you know why??

We teach this in Module 4)


Yes, 1:1 Support can be

the right answer for

solving specific problems. 


Can you create a result in 3 months?



But the real question is:







Because the reality is, Coaching is more like 

Opening Can of Worms with a Domino Effect. 


How we do one thing is how we do most things because millions of humans live on repeat, in reaction to life, rather than making life respond to us. We don't mean to live this way, but, generally speaking, this is what we were taught.

Follow the Rules.

Follow the Leader.

Follow the Directions.

Follow the Dotted Lines.


YUCK. As children, these guidelines are for our safety... but as adults, it's time we ask: 

"Which of these rules are actually serving me?  Is this direction aligned with my goals?  Does this path get me where I want to be?  Who is the human who is leading my life? (Is it even me??) Are any of these "guidelines" relevant to my life?"

If you have not been asking these questions, this is what we refer to as being "In the Fog," and it generally leads to Meltdown Mode, Numb-Out Mode, or sometimes a harsh cycle of both.

Listen: there is no shame in our community.
We've seen it all...
AND we have ALL challenged our own personal variations of the meltdown/numb-out mode. 


Here is what we want you to know: 

Authentic fulfillment is real. It's not just for "some" people. 

So, if you desire to connect to your beautiful (and maybe forgotten) dreams, you are invited to grab a chair…




Our clients want to feel deeply connected to their version of having a meaningful life and fulfilling purpose. Deep down, she knows that her motivation is easy to access when she is using her gifts.  We show you how to learn that.


Our clients are ready to feel aligned with big goals and at ease with day-to-day tasks. She is craving the balance of being highly accomplished while having the time to enjoy the fruits of their success and savor the best that life has to offer. We show you how to achieve that. 


More than anything, our clients are ready to feel at peace with themself, both confident and at ease when life throws them a curveball. We show you how to create that. 



The truth is,

everything you need to be successful is already inside you. All your skills, talents, ambitions, and your unique shade of brilliance already exist within, waiting to be embodied. We show you how to uncover them.  

There is no golden secret in US that can replace the truth YOU possess in you. What we do is guide you to your gold so that your brilliance is revealed and treasured. Once you uncover your truth, your path becomes brilliantly illuminated, making it easy to 

  • Feel aligned and at ease in knowing your purpose
  • Access your motivation and inspiration for taking action towards your goals
  • Feel deeply satisfied at the end of the day
  • Ditch the doubt and resentment for good  
  • Have meaningful direction and confidence in yourself
  • Laugh easier and know how to move through any emotion 
  • Create boundaries that serve you
  • Have thriving relationships that feed your soul
  • Finally, consistently feel Healed, Whole and Vibrant... minus the mind drama

We hold space for transformation in our community and save seats for the women who are ready to write an incredible Life Story.

Meet Your Coaches

Join us to be Well Supported in your journey of Self-Discovery to Uncover your Path to Brilliant Personal Fulfillment and develop an Unbreakable Relationship with YOURSELF.


Of all the most impactful things you will create, the most valued are the deep sense of Self-Trust, a genuine Self-Belief, and authentic relationships with other brilliant women who are doing this work alongside you. No matter how big your goals are and how wild your dreams may be, full implementation of this program makes your success is inevitable. 


Spoiler Alert: We broke many "rules" when we created this Program, and Brilliant Brain Training is unlike anything we have seen in the industry. We threw away the "guidelines" from many experts because, like many of our clients, we are breaking the tradition of "How things Ought to be Done."


What worked for generations of the past does not work for us, and we know that the generations of the future AGREE: 


Flawed patterns do not need to be repeated, but if we don't know how to piece together the fragments of our mental and emotional experience, the bits and pieces are passed down from generation to generation. It's not intentional, but it happens. 


Not only are we no longer available to inherit the expectations of others and live according to someone else's intention for our life, but the brokenness that held others back Will Not be carried on through us. 


None of us knew better, but NOW we do. If we want our future generations (whether they are OUR children or not), we have a responsibility to courageously pursue our vision and boldly uncover our brilliance. Through our living example, not our hopes for others, we impact their ability to successfully achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose while feeling Healed, Whole and Vibrant. 


The next generation's secret to BECOMING all they are capable of is revealed by us BEING who we desire to be without the brain fog and numbing (aka conditioning) of who we think we are supposed to be.  

Growth & Fulfillment are Not a "One & Done" Process..., but your access to this Program is a "One & Done" Investment for a lifelong community and a lifetime of transformation. 

Why? Because we believe in 

The Energy of an Empowered Community,

The Value of Deep Inner Connection

& the Need for Diverse Support in Bigger Containers than 90 days. 

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