My goal in life is to share my creative abilities, bring fresh ideas into the world, and support women entrepreneurs build their businesses.  

I wanted to be seen as the go-to creative genius who knew how to bring their desires to life, even if they couldn't see what they wanted just yet.  

Being a visionary has its perks!! Seeing what doesn't exist (YET!) with full enthusiasm is my specialty.

The problem was I am a multi-passionate person who couldn't quite find the Perfect Fit. My glass slipper was nowhere to be found, so I kept on searching.

At times it felt like I was putting on an extra pair of socks in hopes that the shoe would finally fit.

(thankfully I stopped trying to force things that weren't working)

In case you're wondering just how many things I've pursued... Here is a list of a few things I've done while chasing my creative muse and staying home with my three boys: 

  • A home decor business building and refinishing furniture and decorative craft projects
  • Organizing, advertising and hosting several successful makers-market with over a dozen vendors (and, hey – there was a learning curve with a couple of duds too!)
  • An interior decorating business with several room renovations and happy paying clients
  • Self-published six issues of a mini-magazine series called Life Incurved  
  • Self-published a book on Amazon called Emerge from The Fog, Your Workbook to Rediscover you Passion and Reconnect with your Soul… Even if you're a mom"
  • PLUS getting chosen to have my story published in an anthology book called "YOU CAN – 13 Stories of Ordinary Women Making an Impact."
  • Publish a Podcast called The Spark Series that had over 250 plays after only 10 episodes and ZERO marketing- (and I recently resurrected it… have a listen!)
  • I launched a copywriting business over the summer while working with 5 clients, hitting a massive bump (read: humiliating heartbreak over a perfect client)  
  • LEARNING TO OVERCOME and LEARN from the failure mentioned above… and still manage to make over $6,000 while hitting the pool, exploring in the mountains and checking out all the coolest playgrounds with my kids.  
  • Launch (and abandon) a personal styling business, only to learn it wasn't the career for me after doing two closet edits
  • Finally, finding my glass slipper and launching my dream business: Creative Life Coaching, Launch Support and Branding Retreats, the perfect blend of all of my creative passions. 

For a while, I felt like an easily distracted failure, overrun with anxiety, and decision paralysis. I even had someone offer to help me fix my scatterbrain. (uh, thanks?) 

No matter how many times I scolded myself to "freaking decide already," I could not choose. I loved it all, and so choosing ONE path seemed too narrow and impossible.  

My game-changing moment...

After watching one client have four different freelancers bail over a month, I helped her wrap up the details of one particular project with ease.

I realized I knew not only WHAT to do, but HOW to do most of what she had contracted out, and yet there we were… wasting precious time (and who knows how much money) waiting for people to deliver their part, only to discover they either needed more time or would ghost my client altogether.

The delays were endless, and her launch was several months behind- I was bummed for her. With a long list of things that still needed to get done, my then-client got so frustrated she also bailed on her launch, and we went our separate ways.

It was around then that I realized being a" creative junkie with so many ideas that she looked like an indecisive scatterbrain" was my GIFT!

In every business I've created, I led me to discover the skills I needed to advance to the next level. (not to mention I built five different websites and countless sales pages for myself in my "process")

Block after block and layer after layer, I learned the strategies to launch a business, validate my idea (i.e., make that money!), and strengthen the muscle to fail forward, EVEN WHEN it was hard as hell.

My copywriting skills, design skills, love of interior design, flair for personal style, and Personal Brand Photography business all became the foundation of my dream job:

The Self Concept & Brand Identity Coach.

Not only do I love coaching women to discover their calling, establish their unique brand, and launch their ideal business, I also help you to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN along the way.

With a perfect blend of teaching you what you need to know, offering Done-With-You Workshops, and Brand Identity Coaching, I can help you dream up your business idea, plan out your launch and make it real without having to feel alone in establishing your creative strategies.

It's not too good to be true!

You can do this, and it is easier than you think.


Are you ready to go from being a

Dreamer to a Doer?