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WE SEE experiences are for Inspirational & Aspirational women like you who know that the secret to life is going all-in on self-belief, self-love, and self-care... and we also know that the Identity of Your Brand is Built on These Values.  



 Working IN your business can often deplete the time, energy, and creativity you need to work ON your business


So we asked our clients,

"What does an ideal Work-cation include for you?"   

The top three things they asked for are:

- the pause to think
- the opportunity to create
- the collective energy to expand

WE SEE Retreats are designed to give you just that, and we call it the Trifecta Experience:

YES! I Want In

WE SEE was founded because we know that creating a business is a creative process. When it comes to our Personal Brand Story Sessions, we support our clients with more than just photos. 


For us, we know that feeling inspired about your brand is a longer conversation than, "what kind of images do you need?"  


We are not just curious about your creative strategy. We want to talk about offer angles, keywords, core values, your brand pillars, and the copy/content that aligns with your vision. Why? We are invested in these answers because it's our zone of genius.  We care about your transformation story and value the impact of your journey when it comes to understanding your personal brand's identity. 


We also care about the foundation of your mental and emotional energy leading up to and during the retreat.  That is why we have numerous planning resources, thought processes, and organizational solutions to support you along the way.  No Details are Left Behind.


Aside from all that, we also deeply value the gold we uncover during the round-table conversations with the other women at the retreat.

For us, the community is EVERYTHING and this tribe will be known for its lifelong support

Yes! It is time to Connect once again, Collaborate and Celebrate in-person with other brilliant women who are also focused on personal growth, financial freedom, and creating a positive impact in the lives of others. 


WE SEE is a LIFE-LONG Community of 

Women Entrepreneurs Seeking Elevated Experiences


We are Coaches. Consultants.

Strategists. Thought Leaders.

Founders.  Speakers.

CEOs. Experts.





We are a community of Powerhouse Changemakers who know that while our visions are massive and our impact is deep, we also understand that the only way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time... We are UP TO THE CHALLENGE.

Whether you are helping clients to: 

- Launch a business

- Achieve their health & wellness goals

- Create quality relationships

- Build your own company

- Coach clients to get control of their life

- OR offer professional services/agencies that make life and business easier…

This Retreat was Created with You in Mind. 

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WE SEE retreats offer a unique experience that will allow you to roll up your sleeves and capture the branding content you need...  while also having a schedule that allows you to let your hair down and enjoy having plenty of room to breathe.

Women Entrepreneurs

Seeking Elevated Experiences

It's Business.

It's Personal.

It's Enjoying the

Memorable Moments

in Between. 


Here at WE SEE, we stand behind our belief that the secret to building a successful business you love is also having an empowering life that you designed.

We intentionally created our retreats to reflect this value. 

This is why our approach to personal branding is entirely unique, and the energy behind our images is unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

You will be captured in multiple looks/outfits in stunning vignettes with all the details thoughtfully considered in-advance over three full days.


What to Expect


Before the Retreat

We will collaborate on your outfits, jewelry, props, shot list, and the intent for each vignette so that your images beautifully reflect what your brand and content are also saying. This alone will create hundreds of photos you will be excited to share… which, of course, makes marketing your next offer feel much easier... and fun!



Arrive at the retreat destination, unwind from your travel and connect with the other guests at a Champagne and Charcuterie meet and greet.


Day One

Hair, Make-Up, Multiple Vignettes, and Coordinated Outfits... this day focuses on the more "polished" images (whatever that means for your brand) that you use on your website, in your marketing materials, and in publicity content. 


Day Two

Of course, we want you to be front and center in your business. But we also believe that the Home & Garden industries got it right by publishing magazines FULL of gorgeous images that people love to binge on.

That's why we will also curate a "details session" specifically for your brand that is full of texture, interesting close-ups, and "background" images that are strategically aligned with your brand.  Using props, products, and various creative angles, this part of your shoot helps balance out the "look at me" images with some "learn from me" content. These images are eye-candy content for your feed and are perfect for quotes, offers, and announcements.

This is also "Collaboration Day," where you connect around the table and work both independently and collaboratively on the offers you are creating, the strategies you are implementing, and the editorial content you outline for your next 90 days.  The feedback and insight that is offered and received will be priceless!


Day Three

Capturing the collaborative scene is part of the fun when it comes to our retreats. Pause your calls for three days, put an auto-responder on your email and engage with the other inspiring and insightful women on the retreat.

This means we will take a minute to pause for photos as we clink our glasses, enjoy our elegant dinners and revel in the joy of building our businesses in one of the most spectacular, smart, and strategic ways: Branding Retreats with Space to Breathe, Create and Connect. 

Some of your images might also capture you taking a moment to take in the sunrise, exhale at sunset… or even soak up the sun while poolside… because, hey, it's part of your personal brand. While some of these moments won't feel like work, they will certainly be about business.

It's not too good to be true.

We designed it this way.



It will be hard to leave, FOR SURE!  BUT, you will feel refreshed, excited, and mentally & emotionally fueled up so that you are ready to take massive action in your business.   There is nothing more motivating than feeling both accomplished and relaxed!

The collective, collaborative energy and real connection we create at these retreats are what we have all been missing during these months of shut-downs and curfews. It's time to restore this source of power. 


 The VALUE each woman brings,
& the SUPPORT each woman
receives will be
Worth its Weight in Gold.
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CEO, Speaker, International Entrepreneur, and Business Advisor to Experts


"I hired Nicole to capture my team and me during our annual business strategy retreat; she is the person I have been looking for that I didn't even know I was missing. I've never been one for "photoshoots," as I am a very casual person. When I found Nicole, she asked all the questions I'd needed to hear. She authentically took the time to listen, learn and understand my personal brand.

On top of that... she wasn't quick to say "yes" to me. She thoroughly processed who I am as a person with my company brand before accepting the job and agreeing to help me.

Her level of intention and professionalism blew my mind, and I feel so lucky to have found her.

Not only did I feel completely comfortable during our shoot, but Nicole KNEW me even though we had NEVER met.

Because of her ability to see me and FEEL who I am, all my images were exactly what I deeply wanted.

At one point, she asked me to lay down in the sand and water - I was so excited to do that because doing so was "me," and Nicole took the time and intention to understand that.

When it was time for her to photograph my team, she led them to places and posed she know THEY would love (not the sand!), and they felt so calm, happy, and relaxed. It shows in every single picture and moment in time she captured.

The images I received were perfect, authentic, and completely on-brand. I do recommend Nicole above all others. Not only is her skill excellent, her ability to learn who you are as a person, a company and a brand are well beyond what many other photographers are capable of. Long-story-short, I'll never work-travel without her!"

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We have three options for EARLYBIRD pricing before April 1st

$3,500 for Shared Cottage (twin beds)

-  300+ images delivered within 10 days of the shoot via thumb drive

- 30 of your favorite images can be color perfected and edited upon request

- $100 daily room charge credit for food and beverages each of the three full days ($300 total)


$4,000 for Shared Cottage (queen bed)

-  350+ images delivered within 10 days of the shoot via thumb drive

- 35 of your favorite images can be color perfected and edited upon request

- $100 daily room charge credit for food and beverages each of the three full days ($300 total)


$4,500 for Single Occupancy Cottage (queen bed)

-  400+ images delivered within 10 days of the shoot via thumb drive

- 40 of your favorite images can be color perfected and edited upon request

- $100 daily room charge credit for food and beverages each of the three full days ($300 total)

Check out what clients are saying:

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CEO + Director of Brand Strategy at Novella Brandhouse

"Working with Nicole I felt completely at ease and confident that she was thinking about the art direction of the shot.  Her ability to always be thinking, “Will this shot work in future applications?”  really stood out to me.  Photos need to be framed correctly and Nicole is great at making sure this happens.   If you are considering working with Nicole, she is an adventurous spirit who brings so much creativity to a shoot and is a great choice. I loved my images!"